As a mom of three teenagers I didn’t expect to start saying this again like the toddler days. Actually, I probably say it more. Enter our age of a pandemic, the new normal-for-now. I’m in awe of all the parents and caregivers who were home with toddlers and the teachers who taught other children while caring for their own. I’m in awe of my own kids who have shown me that the term “Kids are resilient” is not just something people say to make a parent feel better. I watched them adapt with such ease and take it all in stride. While there was disappointment for the cancellation of the Billie Eilish concert two days after the shutdown that my daughter had been counting down the days to for 2 months, and the tears shed by all of us at the not unexpected cancellation of camp, and ok, I’m going to be really honest, a LOT of video game playing, there was also a new creativity in finding physically distant ways to still socialize. One of my sons took a bike ride every day weather permitted. My daughter and her friends had outdoor socially distant study groups. I have never been so grateful for the technology I used to curse for keeping them away from us, allowing them to remain connected. The virtual movie night was a good one with all of the kids watching the same movie in their respective homes but together while on HouseParty.

I learned a lot as well. I discovered my laundry and to do list at home wasn’t incomplete due to not enough time. I learned I am not a teacher and can’t even teach my kids to put their dishes in the dishwasher. I can’t go on TikTok either. It’s a dark, scary black hole that I needed to be rescued from.

Enough about me, what is most important is how Twice As Nice has adapted. In these uncertain times there is one thing I do feel confident in – consignment shopping is more relevant than ever. But keeping my employees, family and community safe is more important than ever. We have created a new way to shop here at Twice As Nice which allows for both.

  • We launched an online store to provide a comfortable shopping space at your convenience. While we are in “green” and “yellow” phases we offer free local porch delivery, curbside pick up, and free USPS shipping in the continental U.S.
  • Masks are required to enter the store.
  • We are limiting our walk-in shopping hours and are focusing on appointments, which keep my employees & customers safe and comfortable.
  • We are moving our Home Decor items to online to limit unneccessary in-store browsing and keep shopping focused.
  • The shopping area is now limited to the front of store only, leaving the back entrance and areas for contactless consignment drop off. Shoppers can only enter through the front and consignment drop off only in the back by appointment to limit congestion in the store.
  • We started accepting Venmo & Paypal as well for payments.

I know that the one thing we know is that we don’t know what the future holds. If and when any of these changes are no longer effective I will change them. If more options need to be provided for shopping or drop off we will work on safe ways to incorporate them. Lastly, I know that I have missed all of you and am smiling with delight to see old and new friends – behind my mask of course!

Take care and be well.

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