At any one visit you may bring up to 25 pieces to consign during business hours.  We do not accept clothing in trash bags and we ask that you do not use any sprays or fragrances on consigned items. Please check the website, Facebook or call the store for drop off dates and items we may not be accepting at the time.

Please note our additional store guidelines when preparing your consignment items:

  • Items must be clean and in-season (January-July reflects Spring/Summer, August-December reflects Fall/Winter).
  • Items must be in quality condition meaning no rips, stains, missing buttons, animal hairs, odors or chipped paint.
  • Items with multiple pieces or attachments must include all pieces.
  • Items must function properly, with batteries, light bulbs, etc. as needed.
  • Any infant items, toys or household items must meet current safety guidelines – we do not accept items that have been recalled.
  • Any larger items must be pre-assembled.
  • Any item that management decides will sell for $1.00 or less that cannot be grouped with other pieces for a higher price will not be tagged or returned.
  • Onesies, books and small toys that are re-priced less than $3.00 will not be returned if unsold.
  • Any unaccepted items will be donated to local charities unless requested by consignor to be picked up.
  • Any unsold items after 60 days from date of entry may be picked up by consignor or will become store property. It is your responsibility to track your items on  To pick up unsold items please call ahead so we can have your items waiting for you.  We are not always able to pull your items on the spot.